Long Term Care (Family Care – Partnership – IRIS)

Programs that help eligible older adults and adults with disabilities get the services they need to remain in their homes.

ADRC is the Place to Start

ADRC is the place to go to learn how these programs work, eligibility, and to start the application process. We perform the Wisconsin Adult Long-term Care Functional Screen, which is used to collect information about your ability to complete daily activities of living, health, and need for assistance for various programs. The functional screen is one determinate of eligibility and gets your application started.

“Thank you for your programs, your expertise and your grand manners. My folks benefited from your assistance and you helped them remain in the home they loved. That was a huge goal achieved.” 

Family Care

Family Care is administered by manage care organizations (MCO) which provide care managers to assist eligible persons with a needs assessment and creation of a care plan, including selecting providers for the services in their plan.

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Family Care MCOs in Brown County

The state of Wisconsin Department of Health Services contracts with two Managed Care Organizations (MCO) to administer the Family Care Program in Brown County.

Family Care Partnership

Partnership is administered by managed care organizations (MCO’s) that provide an interdisciplinary care team of a nurse, care manager, and nurse practitioner, to help arrange and manage long term care and other health services such as prescription drug and physician services. 

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Partnership MCO in Brown County

The state of Wisconsin Department of Health Services contracts with one MCO to administer Partnership in Brown County.

IRIS (Include, Respect, I Self-Direct)

IRIS is a self-directed manage care option.

Or view this informational Tell Me More About IRIS flyer.

IRIS in Brown County

There are three IRIS consultant agencies under contract with DHS in Brown County.

Complaint or Issue to Resolve?

If you have a complaint or concern regarding your care plan or other issue, the first place to start is your care manager. If you are still not satisfied, there are two programs for your use in filing a complaint.

Ombudsman Program
For persons age 60 and older who are consumers of Wisconsin long-term care programs.
An Ombudsman protects and promotes the rights of long-term care consumers. Any long-term care consumer has the right to express any complaint or concern about their care or treatment to an Ombudsman without fear of retaliation or reprisal. You can find your regional Ombudsman by calling 1-800-815-0015 or by checking the Ombudsman Coverage Map.

Disability Rights Wisconsin
Disability Rights Wisconsin or DRW advocates for persons with disabilities under age 60.
This is the place to call for assistance when you have a complaint or concern. They have a number of regional offices. Their toll free number is 1-800-928-8778