Dementia Basics

What is Dementia?

Dementia is not a specific disease or diagnosis. “Dementia” is an umbrella term that describes trouble with memory, thinking, reasoning, language, planning, and more. There are many types of dementia, but some of the most common include:

  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Vascular Dementia
  • Lewy Body Dementia
  • Frontotemporal Dementia

Dementia vs. Normal Aging

How do you know what is “normal aging” and when should you be concerned? Because our brain ages along with the rest of our body, we should expect some changes as we age. However, we should not expect to develop a brain disease like a type of dementia. Dementia is not a normal part of aging.

Dementia Care Specialist (DCS)

The Dementia Care Specialist (DCS) can help educate family members, provide support and connect caregivers to services, and problem-solve challenging situations.

The mission of the Dementia Care Specialist Program is to support people with dementia and their caregivers in order to ensure the highest quality of life possible while living at home. In order to accomplish this mission, the DCS has three main goals:

  • Ensure ADRC staff and volunteers are trained and competent about dementia so customers are met with understanding and support
  • Provide education and support to family members and friends who are caregivers
  • Help develop Dementia-Friendly Communities where people with dementia can remain active and safe, and caregivers can feel supported

This is done through phone calls, office visits, and even home visits if necessary.

Contact ADRC (920) 448-4300 to speak to the Dementia Care Specialist.

Brain Check-Up

Communication Strategies

Purple Angel

Caregiving During COVID

Caregiving During COVID

(Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center) Caregivers have had a very tough job over the past few months. Many have had to monitor their loved one for symptoms, manage underlying conditions, and limit their engagement with others, all while continuing to manage their loved...

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Asking for Help

Asking for Help

Written by: Jane Mahoney, Older Americans Act Consultant, Greater Wisconsin Agency on Aging Resources Everyone needs help from time to time. Sometimes, there is an urgent need such as a sudden illness or the death of someone close, or it's just a tough week when a lot...

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ADRC Brain check-up

Discover how a FREE, simple, ten-minute Brain Check-up can help you stay on top of your brain health. Given by trained staff at the ADRC, these screens can be done in our office or your home.

Communication Guide for Caregivers

Communication tips you can implement right away to improve communication and reduce frustration. Links to on-line resources for caregivers of person with dementia.

Dementia Care Specialist Brochure

Serving individuals, families and the community, your local Dementia Care Specialist can help you with any questions regarding dementia in your family or at large in Brown County.

Memory Cafe Locations

Listing of locations for Memory Cafes in Brown County includes days and times they meet as well as contact information for the facilitator.


Memory Cafes Cancelled 

Memory Cafes are cancelled as a preventative measure to reduce social contact and keep persons safe.

Go to this Dementia Coalition COVID-19 Newsletter link.  Scroll down a bit to find virtual support, educational opportunities, activities, and self-care tips for caregivers.

A fun way to get out with your loved one who has early stage memory loss in a comfortable, accepting environment. Monthly cafes are run on different times and days of the week in a number of locations and include an activity and time to socialize.

Support Groups - Dementia

Although in-person support groups have been suspended there are options by phone and computer.  Click the button below to learn more.  Support groups specially designed for persons caring for people with Alzheimer’s or other type of Dementia. A variety of locations, days, times. Some are affiliated with the Alzheimer’s Association.

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