Considering a Housing Change?

There is so much to consider when looking for a new place to call home.

What are the Reasons for Changing Housing?

Often it’s not by choice, which can make it a traumatic experience. The best place to start to gather information about your options is to think about what is prompting this change. We want to help, call us at (920) 448-4300.

Maybe you:

  • Find it becoming more difficult, or are just too busy or tired of:
    • Completing home maintenance, yard work, snow removal
    • Cooking, laundry, cleaning
  • Want to downsize and don’t know where to start
  • Are looking for more social opportunities
  • Have had a fall
  • Are in need of some personal care
  • Are not happy with your current situation

Stay in your Home or Move?

You love your home and neighborhood but are wondering if it’s time to move.
Family and friends are suggesting a move, but you wonder if you can afford and receive the help you need to stay at home.

  • What if home modifications can make your home safer to avoid a fall?
  • Can you hire someone to help with household chores?
  • Are there in-home care options that would work for you?

These are important considerations.

ADRC Helps with Housing Decisions

This is an important decision. With so many resources in Brown County, we can help you and your family/friends answer these questions. Let us help you examine your needs and wishes and explain your options.

Call (920) 448-4300 to start the conversation.

Want to schedule an appointment? We can meet at ADRC or come to your home.

Housing Resource Information


Housing Options Booklet

Description of different types of housing, considerations for home modification. Information to help you make decisions about a possible move.

Federally Subsidized Apartments List

Apartments that receive federal subsidy to make rent affordable for their residents. Residents must be able to live independently or be able to hire help to come in.

Federally Subsidized Family Housing List

Apartments and Townhouses that receive federal subsidy to make rent affordable for their residents. Includes list of minimum requirements for eligibility.

Independent Apartments List

List of apartments for persons age 55 and older. Must be able to live on your own or hire help as needed.

Assisted Living: Residential Care Apartment Complex (RCAC) List

RCACs are registered or certified to provide housing to persons who can live on their own but would benefit from up to 28 hours a week of assistance with daily needs.

Assisted Living: Community Based Residential Facility (CBRF) List

CBRFs are state licensed homes for five or more unrelated adults who need daily living assistance.

Nursing Home List

Nursing homes are designed for persons recovering from an illness or requiring long-term support and nursing care.

Nursing Home Survey Information

Information on the survey history for nursing homes conducted by the Division of Quality Assurance of the WI Department of Health Services.

Wisconsin Housing Search Tool

Easy to use service available to anyone looking for a house or apartment to rent in Wisconsin. Use the online search or call toll-free at 1-877-428-8844. Select a city to get a list of properties. Click on a property for more information about cost and amenities. Free for renters to search and landlords to submit listings.