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Nourishing Our Future

Are you ready for the ultimate food fight?

This year, ADRC and Grounded Café have chosen the theme of “Nourishing our Future” for our Give BIG adventure. This speaks to us as an agency as we see the possibilities in every person, every project, and every future. We challenge ourselves asking, “How can we contribute to this?” What do we bring to the table for each person we touch? A listening ear, a kind smile, a message of hope, they are a great place to start. We believe that if we listen to every story that a person shares, listen really hard, we can help connect people to their potential and a path forward – nourishing their soul, their gifts, and our community at the same time!

Working from a place of inclusion and hope, we nourish our community with opportunities to connect to each other, to critical programs, education, training, and actions that will shape futures no matter where someone might be in their life – we will walk alongside our customers, staff, and partners as we work to “change how people see people.”

Give BIG is a great opportunity to showcase the great people we work with, the skills and abilities of persons with disabilities, and the gifts of older adults and their caregivers in ways that might be unexpected, fun, and filled with school spirit.

What are we nourishing? Each other and our community. Join ADRC, Grounded Café, and three area high school students for a night of friendly competition and delicious food! Cafeteria Wars will be between the schools who have been connected to ADRC and Grounded Café through job training and work experience in a genuine coffee house atmosphere. Now it’s their turn to face their school rivals and see who the best chef might be. Each team will be assigned a common school lunch and tasked with transforming it into a culinary masterpiece. Special guest judges will be onsite “hall monitors” and are choosing which student takes home the A+ for their school!

Remember your alma mater? Your mascot? Your school spirit? We are excited for these students and our celebrity judges to experience that school spirit together as they elevate a typical cafeteria favorite to a new level. This competition will showcase their skills while fueling all the little things that mean so much. It is the fuel for our bodies, fuel for our connections, and fuel for our community – just as Give BIG intends. Our schools, our nonprofits, and our donors have an opportunity to help fuel the people that are the engine behind our community’s future.

We love the students with disabilities who have taught us as much as they are learning. We can’t wait to have some fun transforming cafeteria favorites while celebrating school spirit. Nourishing people, partners, and possibilities!

This event highlights the people who are even more important than the food – people are the fuel that nourishes us all! The donations given during the 24-hours of Give BIG fuel our partner nonprofits all year round. This can only elevate the great work of nonprofits in every corner of the community – making where we live more vibrant and rich!

Grounded Café will be serving up a school lunch special as well as desserts representing each school! Visit us online to take a peek at our menu before joining us!

Reserve your spot today and don’t forget to wear school colors to cheer on your favorite student and show your school spirit!

Love Your Heart

February is a month of love and hearts, and we love it! There’s lots of different ways you can love your heart this month. Be sure to take care of yourself, exercise, and eat healthy. In addition, give yourself time to relax, recharge, and socialize with others. Spread the love this month by loving yourself and others with ADRC!

Grounded on the Go

Grounded on the Go is one of the first accessible food trucks in our community and was brought to life by ADRC of Brown County and Grounded Café. The truck features an electronic lift for employees and volunteers who use a wheelchair or mobility aid, accessible kitchen items, and long-term plans for motorized window access.

Grounded Café and Grounded on the Go were born to breakdown stereotypes and ageism by shining a light on the strengths and abilities of seniors and person with disabilities.

Grounded on the Go will bring Grounded Café where people are, offering nutrition program events for adults 60+ and food truck items for the public.


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ADRC Volunteers

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