Prevention Workshop Offerings

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Find information on all of our prevention workshops that are offered throughout the year to the right. Find all current workshops being offered below.

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Current Workshops Being Offered:

BE! Brain Enrichment Course

Workout your brain!
An interactive, educational experience for older adults who are not experienceing memory loss or cognitive change but want to continue exercising their brain.

Boost Your Balance

As we age, falling increases and there can be many causes for losing your balance. Boost Your Balance can help you reduce your risk. Call ADRC at (920) 448-4300 about your balance or falls risk concerns and learn how this screening can help you stay indpenedning and living at home. This is a completely free in-home service!

Control Incontinence – Proven steps to bowel & bladder control

Build skills and confidence!
Join us for the Mind Over Matter: Healthy Bowels, Healthy Bladder workshop proven to help you with your bladder and/or bowel health. This program is for women over the age of 50.

Don’t Wait Until You Break a Hip – Reduce your risk of falling

32 falls per day are reported in Brown County, our community’s #1 trauma injury. We can help reduce your fall risk!
Join this Stepping On workshop for adults age 60 and older that have fallen or have concerns about falling. This workshop provides expert advice from a local physical therapist, pharmacist, vision specialist, and first responder.


Stay strong and healthy!
Join us for this community exercise and nutrition program for adults aged 60 and older. This strength training curriculum helps maintain muscle mass, strength, and function as you age.

Supporting Your Diabetes Diagnosis – Proven steps to self management

A few hours can put YOU in control!
In this workshop, you will be provided a space that not only provides proven curriculum based education, but empowers people to create healthy habits by building relationships (friendship and camaraderie) with others in a similar situation.

Walk With Ease

Reduce pain and improve your health!
Join us for this new program being offered here in our community! The Arthritis Foundation Walk With Ease Program is an exercise program that can reduce pain and improve overall health. If you can be on your feet for 10 minutes without increased pain, you can have success with Walk With Ease.