Dementia Friendly Community

Brown County Dementia Friendly Community Coalition

People living with dementia have hope,
are valued, and belong.

The mission of the Dementia Friendly Community Coalition is to raise awareness, develop cooperative partnerships, educate, and engage all to create a dementia friendly community that enhances quality of life. By transforming the community, we promote inclusion, reduce stigma, and instill hope.

This coalition is made of passionate individuals from many different business sectors and parts of the community. It includes representatives from ADRC, Green Bay Police Department, hospitals, assisted livings, supportive care agencies, Brown County Parks, and many more!

Dementia Resource Guide

A diagnosis of dementia can bring about feelings of fear, worry, stress and confusion. This Dementia Resource Guide was put together by the Brown County Dementia Friendly Community Coalition to help you and your loved ones find answers to your many questions. This guide covers information about dementia and resources on advance directives, support systems, respite options, medication/treatment, education, safety in the home, avoiding crisis, financial assistance, and end-of-life planning.  

Purple Angel

Training businesses and organizations on how to recognize, respond to, and create a welcoming space for people with dementia.

Memory Café

Providing fun, comfortable environments where people with dementia and their caregivers can relax, engage, and enjoy the company of others on the same journey.  

Community Education

Hosting accessible, educational events for community members and professionals.

Dementia Friends

What is Dementia Friends?
Dementia Friends is an information session led by a Dementia Friends Champion. The session includes education on the basics of dementia, activities that help people understand what it might be like to live with dementia, and tips on how to better communicate with someone with dementia.

What makes me a Dementia Friend?
Each person leaves the session with their own concrete action that will help them become a better “Dementia Friend.” The action can be as big or as small as you choose – every action counts!

Want to become a Dementia Friend? Call ADRC (920) 448-4300.