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Medicare Open Enrollment 10/15 – 12/7/21.

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Plans change every year.

In 2022, there more Medicare Part D plans offered in Brown County compared to in 2021. 

Even if your plan is offered again in 2022, we recommend comparing plans to ensure the plan you choose meets your needs and priorities for coverage.

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Watch this educational video below to learn how to use the Medicare Plan Finder tool found here:

We Take the Mystery out of Medicare

Medicare is complicated. ADRC staff and specially trained volunteers are here to answer your questions and take the mystery out of Medicare. Below are a few sample questions.

I’m 65 still working and have coverage with my employer, am I required to sign-up for Medicare?
Not everyone who is turning 65 or who is eligible for Medicare due to disability payments may be required to enroll in Medicare. Call us to talk about your individual situation.
I am about to turn 65 and am getting a lot of mail from insurance companies.

There are many Medicare health plans to choose from. ADRC does not sell insurance. We do provide unbiased information about your Medicare options.

Attending one of our Medicare workshops (see below) provided monthly throughout the year will help you understand how Medicare works so you can make an informed decision about the plan that will work best for you.

Do I have choice in selecting Medicare coverage options?

Medicare coverage options can be confusing. This very basic Medicare Coverage: Your Options Chart illustrates your options. Call us (920) 448-4300, we will explain the details of how each option works.

My Medicare coverage is expensive, is there a way to save money?
Medicare can be very costly. Are you on the plan that is best for you? Contact us for a benefits check-up to determine if you qualify for a Medicare Savings Plan and/or show you how to do a plan comparison.
What does Medicare Cover?

Download this Medicare Chart to learn which benefits are covered under original Medicare Part A and Part B. You can see if your particular test, item, or service is covered under original Medicare by going to

Medicare Updates

11/08/2021 | Medicare Rights Center

Dear Marci:

Flu season is starting, and I’m eager to get a flu shot. I want to know what to expect, though. How does Medicare cover flu shots and other vaccines?

-Mei (Irvine, CA)

9/27/2021 | Medicare Rights Center

Dear Marci:

I have Original Medicare and a Part D plan. I’m considerin changing my Part D plan this Fall Open Enrollment Period. How can I compare Part D plans?

-Tyrone (Tampa, FL)

Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services

This year, CMS is extending Marketplace open enrollment from 11/1/21 through 1/15/22. In prior years, the enrollment period was 11/1 through 12/15 only. This will allow an extra 30 days to start, review, and enroll into coverages for 2022.

ABCD's Of Medicare

Learn about the full scope of the Medicare program:

  • Different parts of Medicare
  • Enrollment information
  • Coverage options

Now available online! You need a computer, tablet, or smart phone and internet service to participate.
Choose from one of the following sessions:

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Monday, Dec 13, 2021
at 2-3:30 p.m.


Tuesday, Jan 11, 2022
at 10-11 a.m.

In Person at ADRC

Medicare Minute

The Medicare Minute provides accurate, up-to-date, and easy to understand information. Please join us to learn more about your Medicare benefits.

Now available online! You need a computer, tablet, or smart phone and internet service to participate.

SHIP Case Study
Joanne has had Original Medicare and a Part D plan for four years. While Joanne does not get a flu shot each year, her doctor strongly recommended she get one for the 2020/2021 flu season. So, in January 2021, Joanne received her flu shot. Now it is November 2021, and her doctor is again recommendign that she get the flu shot. Joanne believes that Medicare will only cover one flu shot per year, so is worried she wll have to wait until January. What should Joanne do?
Join us to learn more!

Tuesday, Dec 21, 2021 at 10-10:30 a.m.

Monday, Jan 17, 2022 at 1-1:30 p.m. 

Medicare Enrollment due to Loss of Employer Health Coverage

If you have lost your group health coverage due to a job loss, layoff, or furlough and had put off enrolling into Medicare or declined Medicare Part B, you should explore requesting those benefits now. It will not only give you health coverage but help you avoid penalties in the future.

Individuals who were covered under a group plan due to active employment or employment of a family member have a special eight month enrollment period to request Medicare Part A and/or Part B through the Social Security Administration (SSA). SSA has put together instructions, see button below.

Call a Benefit Specialist at the ADRC (920) 448-4300 with questions or for more information.

ADRC is your unbiased Medicare expert.

Medicare Money Savings Programs

Below is a short description of some plans that can help reduce the cost of Medicare. ADRC is your best source to determine if you qualify and how to apply.

Medicare Savings Program

At the low end, this program pays for Part B premiums. At the high end, it pays Part A and B premiums along with deductibles and coinsurance for original Medicare. Eligibility is subject to gross income and asset requirements.

Senior Care

Prescription drug assistance program for Wisconsin residents age 65 or older who meet enrollment requirements. It can be used to meet Medicare’s drug coverage requirement or with other Medicare drug plans to lower medication costs. Annual growth income used to determine eligibility and coverage. Call an ADRC Benefit Specialist (920) 448-4300 or pick up an application at ADRC.

Extra Help (Low Income Subsidy-LIS)

It can help pay premiums, deductible, and co-pays for prescription medications. Income and resource limits apply. Limits change annually. Medicaid recipients are automatically eligible but others are encouraged to apply.

Patient Assistance Program

Offered by pharmaceutical companies to help eligible patients purchase costly medications. Not all medications have assistance programs. Programs have financial and coverage restrictions. A portion of the application will need to be completed by the prescribing physician. To see if you medication has an assistance program, search by the med name on these sites: or


Other Insurance


Medicare Supplement or Medigap Policies Questions

Wisconsin Medigap Helpline: 1-800-242-1060

Medicare Website

Great source for information about Medicare for new, soon to be and current recipients and their caregivers.

Medicare Forms

Forms organized by situations to help you find the form to fit your individual situation.

Medicare & You Booklet

Provided by CMS annually to all Medicare participants. This booklet gives a lot of valuable information about Medicare. Find the booklet in different formats (audio, electronic, etc.) and in languages other than English.

Wisconsin Senior Medicare Patrol (SMP)

Call 888-818-2611 or email: Help for Medicare recipients to prevent, detect, and report Medicare fraud, errors, and abuse.