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ADRC Benefit Specialists can provide:

  • Medicare Part D plan comparisons (drug coverage only)
  • Medicare Advantage plan comparisons (health and drug coverage)

The Medicare Plan comparisons are created using information you provide to us. We will enter your information into the Medicare Plan Finder tool, located at www.medicare.govPlease complete and submit your health and drug information and we will contact you to discuss plan options. Our trained Benefit Specialists will help explain this information so you are able to make an informed decision about your 2021 coverage.

Call today (920) 448-4300 and speak with a Benefit Specialist about getting your personalized plan comparison; or, complete and submit your health and drug information below and we will contact you to discuss plan options.

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*Note – General Search can be done when you don’t have a account or don’t want to disclose your account information. General Searches cannot be saved on the Medicare Plan Finder tool for future reference.

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