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Everything you need to know about voting

Check out My Vote Wisconsin and Wisconsin Disability Vote Coalition to stay up to date with important voting information and to learn more about how to:

  • Register to vote
  • Find your local polling place
  • Update your information

 Upcoming Elections

Next statewide election: Tuesday, April 6th

Deadlines for this election:

  • 3/17/21 – Deadline to register by mail or to register to vote online
  • 4/1/21 – Deadline to request an Absentee Ballot
  • 4/6/21 – Deadline to register in-person at your polling place and to return Absentee Ballots

Low or No Cost Transportation Options for Voting

Find information on low or no-cost transportation options for Brown County residents who are older or have a disability and need transportation assistance for voting purposes.

Transportation is available to get to the polls on the day of the election, early absentee voting, registering, or obtaining an ID to register.

Coalition of Voting Organizations (COVO) of Brown County WI

COVO is a local, nonpartisan volunteer organization in Brown County, Wisconsin. COVO assists voters with registration and information about upcoming elections and provides FREE RIDES during early voting hours. Call 445-8671 to schedule your ride, at least one day ahead of time. For more information visit: .

Curative Connections Transportation

Older adults and adults with disabilities outside of the transit service area who need a ride in order to vote can request that the fee be waived for that purpose. Please call as early as possible to allow planning for service. Call (920) 227-4273 to schedule your ride.

Disability Rights Wisconsin (DRW)

Help is available for voters with disabilities. The Disability Rights Wisconsin Voter Hotline can help with voting questions or assist voters to report a concern. The DRW Hotline will also share with voters any information they have received about transportation, when available. Contact the DRW Hotline at 844-DIS-VOTE/ 844-8683 or email

Green Bay Transit

Those residing in the City of Green Bay can participate in early in-person absentee voting, which is being offered at City Hall on several days, including some Saturdays when the bus is free to everyone. Call (920) 448-3450 or visit for more information.

Wisconsin Disability Vote Coalition

Wisconsin Disability Vote Coalition is compiling information about transportation options for voters with disabilities and will be posting information as it becomes available. Check their website at

Resource information is provided courtesy of the Aging & Disability Resource Center of Brown County. It may be reproduced as long as the agency’s credit is retained and distribution is for noncommercial purposes only.

This information does not deny a person’s ability to use Green Bay Transit options, Brown County Voucher Program, Curative Connections or any unsubsidized service at the regular rate.

Who is my Legislator?

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