ADRC Mural Project

We are small but mighty seeds

To grow with the community, we are painting a beautiful mural on our building. The mural will feature a blooming garden to remind us that we are all from different origins (seeds) but we each contain our own magical possibilities when we’re in an environment where we can blossom.

As a community project, we want to spread the goodness and create connections between people. It’s a reminder to surround ourselves with a diverse and enriching community where we can all grow into our greatest potential.

Through the use of community submitted words and phrases, we want every person to be able to find themselves within the mural. With the words and pictures combined, we represent that gardens (communities) are stronger with diversity, all things are possible, and we are all connected.

We need your help!

Here’s how you can get involved:

  • We have community painting days so you can come paint a piece of the mural! Sign-up below to come and paint with us!

    • Submit a word or short phrase that you connect with (form below) to be incorporated into the mural.

    Save the Date

    Join us, along with County Executive Troy Streckenbach and Mayor Eric Genrich, as we dedicate this mural!

    Sat, September 18, 2021 at 9 a.m.

    Check back for more details!

      • Support our current initiatives of bringing heART to the community in a monetary way.
        • This initiative includes our mural project along with building an accessible outdoor seating area (parklet) for Grounded Cafe.

      Gardens are filled with seeds that may be small, but they are magical. 

      They help us heal, stay nourished, and find hope.

      This mural celebrates the diversity of our “garden” while challenging all of us to nurture an inclusive community. One that includes all people, no matter who you are, what you look like, what you believe, or who you love.

      “The aim of art is not to represent the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance.”

      - Aristotle

      Find yourself here…you belong.

      Why a mural? Why a garden?
      At ADRC, we want to create a beautiful safe space where everyone belongs. What better way to reach people than art!? In art, everyone can tell their own story and find their own meaning. What ever you see or feel here is just right.

      This garden mural tells a story that we:
      » Feel a community responsibility to reach out and spread goodness.
      » Nurture each other and find beauty in what is before us.
      » Find strength in diversity-differences create rich experiences and contributions.
      » See possibilities for all people.
      » Share what the community brings to the table, your words, your energy, your beauty.

      Find yourself here- you belong.
      Look for the inspirational words and phrases that speak to you. There are many hidden throughout the mural. Look around- they are there, just waiting to be seen.

      Our story is rooted within:

      » This garden is all of us, our future, and our responsibility to care and tend.
      We are all small but mighty seeds that may be dormant at first but will suddenly burst with life and energy if given the right mix of light, water, and nutrients from the environment. Each seed develops into its own unique plant serving its own distinct and important purpose.

      » We are stronger when we are diverse. Each flower, vegetable, and herb in this mural enhances the diversity and strengths within the garden, providing necessary benefits for other plants to thrive and grow.

      » There is no limit to who we can become.
      Our genetic makeup may suggest one thing, but our environment and the people we surround ourselves with prescribe another.

      » We are meant to scatter & bloom.
      Gardens are filled with seeds that are intended to scatter, grow and develop bounties to be shared with others.

      » Like gardens, we can heal & nourish.
      Gardens provide amazing natural medicines such as ginkgo, echinacea, flax, lavender, and more. They provide wonderful opportunities to learn and connect with the earth and our food.

      » Magic happens when we work together.
      When we join together, we share our strengths and abilities, helping one another grow and thrive. This opens up a whole new world of possibilities – it allows the magical creations of the garden to flourish. Let’s come together to grow a better tomorrow.

      Thank you

      Thank you to everyone who supported this project. We could not have done it without you!


      Laura Schley, the artist that planted the seeds and carefully planned this community masterpiece.

      Our donors, who helped raise funds for this project, tending the new seeds that have been planted.

      Brown County community,
      who helped to bring this concept to life. By leaving your mark, whether by the words you submitted, or from the brushstrokes you painted on canvas,
      you are helping us to grow.
      thank you

      ADRC Mural Word/Phrase Submission

      As we plan for our new mural project, we need your help! We are collecting positive, inspirational words or short phrases that you connect with to be incorporated into the mural.

      Examples: unique, creative, beautiful, open minded, etc.

      Please be aware, we may not be able to incorporate all submissions into the final mural.

      NOTE: This form is not compatible with Internet Explorer (IE). Please use another browser, such as Mozilla, Chrome, or Edge.