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Devon Christianson


Christel Giesen

Assistant Director

Debra Bowers

Finance Coordinator

Donovan Miller

Staff Accountant

Sherry Piatti

Accounting Clerk

Laurie Ropson

Quality Assurance Outreach Coordinator

Kristin Willems

Administrative Support Coordinator

Angela VanAsten

Office Assistant

Holly Kinnard

Office Assistant

Molly Callahan

Office Assistant

Steph Mommaerts

Office Assistant

John Holzer

Facilities and Placement Coordinator

ADRC Programing, Grounded Cafe, and Dining Sites

Jeremy Sluslarek

Program Coordinator

Chanda Foley

Grounded Cafe Co-Leader

Chris Brodhagen

Grounded Cafe Co-Leader

Terry Wojcik

Grounded Cafe Co-Leader LTE

Patrick Kemp

Grounded Dining Site Attendant

Lucas Schmechel

Grounded Cafe Ambassador

Anita Jahnke

Maintenance Assistant

Benefit Specialist Program

Tina Brunner

Benefit Specialist Coordinator

Sarah Scott

Benefit Specialist - Elder

Nyna Frelich

Benefit Specialist - Elder

Kelly Long

Benefit Specialist - Disability

Casey Beilke

Benefit Specialist - Disability

Janelle Walton

Benefit Specialist - Disability

Monica Sanchez

Benefit Assistant

Tara Palmbach

Benefit Administrative Assistant

Information & Assistance Program

Mary Schlautman

I & A Coordinator

Jessi Arvey

I & A Assistant Coordinator

Megan Kolton

I & A Functional Screen Lead

Kendra Anderson-Viste

Information & Assistance Specialist

Brian Binder

Information & Assistance Specialist

Katie Erickson

Information & Assistance Specialist

Luceth Escandell

Information & Assistance Specialist

Olivia Fero

Information & Assistance Specialist

John Fritz

Information & Assistance Specialist

Megan Hammer

Information & Assistance Specialist

Lori Hinz

Information & Assistance Specialist

Elena Kornis

Information & Assistance Specialist

Robin Kuklinski

Information & Assistance Specialist

Kriston Ladwig

Information & Assistance Specialist

John Plageman

Information & Assistance Specialist

Lisa Smits

Information & Assistance Specialist

Jim Sweeney

Information & Assistance Specialist

Kelly Thompson

Information & Assistance Specialist

Pa Houa Xiong

Information & Assistance Specialist

Anna Zahorik

Information & Assistance Specialist

Teri Bradford

Caregiver Assistant

Amy Lee

Community Living Specialist

Mary Jo Pirlot

Benefit Assistant

LaReina Tipping

Community Resource Assistant

Sheri Mealy

Dementia Care Specialist

Anne Zieglmeier

Dementia Care Program Assistant

Nutrition Program

Kimberly Gould

Nutrition Coordinator

Abby Ledvina

Nutrition Assistant

Debra Wiesner

Outreach Specialist

Kim Baierl

Homebound Meals Coordinator

Julie Hamill

Homebound Meals Program Assistant

MaryJo Williams

Dining Site Assistant

Doug Patterson

Homebound Meals Assistant

Melissa Schiltz

Homebound Meals Assistant

Prevention Program

Barbara Michaels

Prevention Program Coordinator

Amy Staniforth

Office Assistant


Employment Guide for Persons with Disabilities

Outlines employment options including information on job assistance for older adults, veterans, and adults with disabilities. Examples are Social Security Administration Work Incentive programs, how to find funding, assistive technology, and legal issues and advocacy.

Information and Advocacy for Persons with Disabilities

List of organizations that assist persons with disabilities and their families, i.e.: finding services, assistive technology, and support groups in addition to providing education and advocacy on disability related issues and so much more.

Durable Medical Exquipment - Donate - Purchase Used List

ADRC and Options for Independent Living Loan Closets are closed to lending and accepting items.

List of sources for donating equipment you have or to purchase used equipment.  Examples are assistive devices for the bathroom, bedroom, walkers, canes, wheelchairs, etc.  If you need to explore more options call the ADRC at 920-448-4300 for assistance.

Programs for Individuals with Disabilities

List of organizations that serve persons with disabilities with programs to help them stay active and learn new skills.

Respite Options for People with Special Needs

Explains what respite is, why it’s important, available respite options and where to get assistance to sort through those options.


aspiroinc.org. 920-498-2599, 1673 Dousman Str., Green Bay, WI Agency serving individuals with disabilities.  Services such as early intervention, employment, and day services, and more.


www.wearecp.org. 920-337-1122, 2801 South Webster Avenue, Green Bay, WI  Provides aquatic exercise, therapy services, adult day services, childcare, advocacy, and information.

Curative Connections

curativeconnections.org. 920-468-1161, 2900 Curry Ln, Green Bay, WI  A wide variety of services for older adults and adults with disabilities.  Dementia, adult day services, training and employment, rehabilitation, transportation and more.

Options for Independent Living

Optionsil.org. 920-590-0500, 555 Country Club Road, Green Bay, WI Disability showcase model home and office.  Get hands on experience with assistive technology and adaptive equipment.  Provides advocacy, peer support, information, and referral.

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