Purple Angel

Dementia Friendly Business Training

What is Purple Angel?

The Purple Angel Initiative trains businesses and organizations in our community to recognize, communicate with, and create a welcoming and safe environment for people with dementia and their caregivers. This helps businesses become “Dementia Friendly,” letting the community know that their place of business is accessible and safe for people with dementia.

Know a business that could benefit from Purple Angel Training? Have them call ADRC at (920) 448-4300.

How does a business or organization become Purple Angel Trained?

Purple Angel is a FREE, 30-minute training that goes over basics of dementia as well as strategies on how to approach and interact with someone with dementia. It also includes business specific information tailored to the type of service provided. To be considered “Purple Angel Trained,” a business or organization must have all management and at least 50% of employees go through the training, with the hopes of it reaching everyone.

How do I know what places are Purple Angel Trained?

Look for a sticker on the front door saying “We are Dementia Friendly” with a picture of our Purple Angel.

Check out this Purple Angel Google Map to see all the locations where employees have been trained! Looking for a list of all businesses? Click on the icon (pictured below) in the top left corner of the map to view the list of all Purple Angel trained businesses!

Dementia Basics

Brain Check-Up

Communication Strategies