Future Planning

Take action today to make your future financial and health care wishes known.

Death and unforeseen circumstances are a normal part of our lives. It can be uncomfortable, and even scary to talk about, but not talking about it can be even harder on you and your loved ones.

You may not know what the future holds, and your situation and wishes may change – that’s okay. These documents live and evolve with you.

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Why is it important?

Advance care planning for health and finances is important so that your wishes are clear and to help protect your assets and legacy.

Did you know that advance care planning greatly helps your loved ones?

This unknown phase of life can bring up many emotions that are difficult to navigate, especially for those close to you. Planning ahead allows you to choose what measures you would want to be taken if you are suddenly incapacitated or no longer able to make decisions on your own behalf such as in the event of an accident, sudden illness, or nearing the end of life (and after). 

While we may trust that our friends and family have our best interest in mind, we must also recognize that others may have different beliefs on what is best for us. Having to make important health care and/or financial decisions on our behalf when we are unable to speak for ourselves can cause additional stress on an already difficult situation. This is one piece of the puzzle you have control over to help remove that sense of burden.

Think of this as a gift for your loved ones.

I am not sick, I am not old, I am not dying…

When should I complete my documents indicating my wishes?


Are you 18 or older? If yes, the time is now.

None of us know when we will be unable to speak for ourselves or make our own decisions, so it is never too early to plan. Keep in mind that these document can grow and evolve with you, so choose to review and change your wishes as often as you feel necessary.

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Only 37% of adults in the US have an advanced directive completed.

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