ADRC Volunteer Spotlight: Russ & Sandy Meyer

by | Jun 29, 2023 | Blog, Volunteer

This article is dedicated to Russ and Sandy Meyer as we honor their 16+ years of volunteer service with ADRC and over 30+ years of their volunteer career. To say we appreciate all the time they have donated would be an understatement.

The Meyers are about as selfless and compassionate as they come. Russ started delivering homebound meals years ago for St. Vincent’s. When ADRC took this role over, both Russ and his wife Sandy began volunteering with us. Russ grew fond of one gentleman on their route who shared his wartime stories and artwork with him. They treated their meal recipients to homemade cookies as well as cucumbers and tomatoes from their garden. One person on their route couldn’t eat sweets, so instead of cookies, they brought him a jigsaw puzzle. Not only did the meal recipients receive goodies from them, but their dogs often got treats from Sandy as she found she could talk more easily with customers when she gave their dog a treat.

When they retired from their homebound meal role, they received a letter from someone on their route letting them know how much they meant to that person. Their visits, smiles, and treats were a treasure and in return, the Meyers now treasure that letter in their keepsake box.

Even though they are no longer homebound meal volunteers, Russ and Sandy are still just as busy. They maintain a large yard and garden, play cards, do jigsaw puzzles, and watch three of their grandsons excel at playing basketball. Russ and Sandy are loyal fans, sitting proudly in the bleachers. They are also active members of their church, serving in various ways for 30+ years!

Family is also very important to them. They love spending time with their kids, grandkids, great grandkids, and great-great-grandson! Another member of their family is a little orange cat named Nugget. He made his way into Russ and Sandy’s lives by hiding in a snowblower in their garage. One day, Russ heard a faint meow coming from somewhere in the garage. After some searching, he found the scrawny little kitten. The Humane Society nursed him back to health and Russ and Sandy adopted him. He’s been a constant companion for 7 years.

To Russ and Sandy,
Thank you for your commitment, dedication, and time you gave to ADRC. You have touched so many lives and we know you will continue to do so.

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