ADRC Volunteer Spotlight: Michelle Greenheck

by | Mar 27, 2024 | Blog, Volunteer

Hello beloved ADRC Magazine reader and welcome to “Our Volunteers Are Amazing” meet and greet! We shine this month’s spotlight on Michelle Greenheck, Doctor of Physical Therapy.

Michelle has conducted many of the Body Mechanics classes here at ADRC. You may ask, “What is body mechanics?” It is a term used to describe the ways we move as we go about our daily lives. It includes how we hold our bodies when we sit, stand, lift, carry, bend, and sleep. Poor body mechanics are often the cause of back problems and other injuries. Michelle’s class identifies the most common types of body mechanic problems and provides strengthening and stretching exercises to maintain health and decrease pain.

Michelle loves educating the community on ways to treat and prevent common areas of pain. She also volunteers on the Health and Wellness Board at St. Edward and Isidore Church.

When she is not busing working and volunteering, she enjoys playing with her two kids, Juliana and Jack, and spending time with her wonderful husband Dan, her parents, and her sister. Her hobbies include jogging, lifting weights, and baking.

Thank you so much, Michelle, for all of your amazing work with us and the community!

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