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2023 Save the Date: Feb 21 & 22

About Give BIG Green Bay

Give BIG Green Bay has raised $8.0 million over the past five years to support our community. As we launch our 6th giving day, we are excited to celebrate and highlight the important work of our community nonprofits.

Let Your Abilities Shine Cooking Contest

For Give BIG Green Bay, we’re shining a spotlight on our trainees! Our trainees will be paired up with a local “kitchen wizard” to create a signature dish. Our panel of judges will choose a winning team whose dish will be featured at Grounded Cafe for the month of March!

We need your help from the audience! In addition to our first place winner, we’ll also be awarding a People’s Choice Award – and that’s where you come in. Vote for your favorite team at the link below, $1 equals 1 vote!

We are here to help shine a light in the dark…

Overwhelmed & Nervous…

We are all familiar with those moments when we know we have to act but have no idea of what to do or how to get started. That is the situation my wife and I were in when my mother-in-law suddenly needed supportive care on a long term basis.

We called ADRC.

They immediately communicated an understanding & respect for our anxiety. When we left our appointment – while still nervous, we were also hopeful, we had a plan, a list of resources and promise of support for us all as we needed it.

It was a priceless gift.

It happened so fast…

We were grief stricken that we had not seen it coming or prevented it from happening. It seemed like we had to make decisions before we knew what was best. Dad was 78 years old. Sure he was forgetting names and how to get some places he had not been to in years. But he was still working and living alone since my mom died, and managing just fine…we thought. Then he fell and couldn’t get up, and was not found for 3 days.

We were told he couldn’t live alone anymore and that we needed find a place he could be discharged to after rehab. We were going through the phone book to find places and cross referencing what we found to location. We wanted to keep him near to us.

I called ADRC

ADRC gave us lists of helpful information so we did not have to keep searching a phone book. The specialist we met with told us about her experience with relatives, and her sharing her story, helped ease our guilt. We are not perfect, we are just trying. She gave us instruction on how best to communicate with dad and told us about the Dementia Care Specialist, who we asked more specialized questions to.

ADRC continues to be supportive as my dads condition and situation changes. I want my dad to live the life he wants for as long as he can do that safely.

I’m glad ADRC exists so we are better able to manage that.