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WI State Medicaid Program Members Will Keep All Healthcare Benefits Until the End of the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency.

In response to the COVID-19 public health emergency and federal rules, the Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) temporarily changed program rules to help protect the health and safety of members.

Members will continue to keep their health benefits if they were eligible for them on or after March 18, 2020. Their health benefits will stay the same until at least the end of the month in which the federal public health emergency ends. DHS expects that the federal public health emergency will last at least until the end of 2021.

This affects the following programs:

  • BadgerCare Plus
  • Emergency Services Medicaid
  • Family Planning Only Services
  • Foster Care Medicaid
  • Institutional Medicaid
  • Katie Beckett Medicaid
  • Medicaid Purchase Plan
  • SeniorCare
  • SSI Medicaid
  • SSI-Related Medicaid
  • Waiver Medicaid
  • Wisconsin Well Woman Medicaid

This means that any member who would normally have lost health benefits on or after March 18, 2020, will continue to keep their health benefits. This is true even if a member has had changes that would normally have resulted in a loss of health benefits. During this time, a member will only lose their health benefits if they move out of Wisconsin or ask to end their health benefits.

DHS still expects members to report changes as appropriate for their program enrollment, such as changes in income or address.

Emergency Broadband Benefit

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What is it?
The Emergency Broadband Benefit is a temporary FCC program to help households struggling to afford internet service during the pandemic.

What the benefit provides:
• Up to $50/month discount for broadband services
• Up to $75/month discount for households on qualifying Tribal lands
• A one-time discount of up to $100 for a laptop, desktop computer, or tablet purchased through a participating provider

Who is Eligible?
A household is eligible if one member of the household:
• Has an income at or below 135% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines or participates in certain government assistance programs
• Receives benefits under the free and reduced-price school lunch or breakfast programs
• Received a Federal Pell Grant during the current award year
• Experienced a substantial loss of income due to job loss or furlough since February 29, 2020
• Meets the eligibility criteria for a participating provider’s existing low-income or COVID-19 program

There are three ways you can apply:
• Contact a participating provider directly to learn about their application process.
• Go to to submit an application.
• Complete a mail in application and send it along with proof of eligibility to:
Emergency Broadband Support Center
P.O. Box 7081
London, KY 40742

Learn more: Call 833-511-0311 or visit

Additional Information & Support

We are here to help you and your family with a wide variety of community resource options. For assistance by phone, or to make an appointment, contact us.

(920) 448-4300 | WI Relay 711

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