Continuous Medicaid Ending

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States may begin the process of ending Medicaid enrollment for individuals who are no longer eligible as of April 2023. Please note that Medicaid coverage will continue until members receive a notice of termination or have had an opportunity to go through the renewal process for their benefits.

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services would like Medicaid recipients to remember:
• Update Address: Make sure the Bay Lake Consortium has the correct address. If the address on your case needs to be updated, call 1-888-794-5747 to report changes.
• Watch. Read. Act: Watch for mail. A letter in March or April from the Central Document Processing Center (CPDU) should have notified recipients of their Medicaid renewal date. Renewal due dates are being spread out between June 30, 2023, and May 21, 2024. A letter will be sent 45 days before the renewal deadline. During the renewal process, the Medicaid office will review all Medicaid programs for eligibility.

Depending on their unique situation, some Medicaid recipients will not be given an opportunity to renew. They, instead, will receive a letter with the exact date of their coverage termination. If this closure letter is received, individuals can submit a new application for benefits. Applications can be done over the phone (1-888-794-5747), by mail, or online at

Individuals who are no longer eligible for Medicaid coverage may have an opportunity to sign up for different types of insurance:
• Medicare: People who should have signed up for Medicare due to age or disability, but did not, will have a special enrollment period to elect Medicare coverage. This special enrollment period starts the day you receive notification of Medicaid ending and lasts for six months after Medicaid coverage terminates. You must have been eligible to apply for Medicare after 3/2020 to be eligible for this enrollment period. Medicare applications can be done with the local Social Security Office.
1561 Dousman St.
Green Bay, WI 54303
• Marketplace: Individuals who lose Medicaid prior to July 31, 2024, will have a special enrollment period to be able to apply for coverage through the federal Marketplace. Marketplace applications can be done over the phone (1-800-318-2596) or online at

Connect with the Benefit Specialist team at ADRC of Brown County to discuss insurance eligibility, termination, and appeals, along with benefit coordination.

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