Caregiver Handbook: Guide to Your Labor of Love

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Have you been helping care for a friend or family member? Do you do tasks for a loved one that might include transportation, running errands, or bringing a loved one to the doctor? Do you feel like it’s getting to be too much but don’t know where to turn? ADRC has a great resource that can help provide information on your options: The Caregiver Handbook.

The Caregiver Handbook is a guide that helps define what a caregiver is. It includes a brief assessment to determine if you’re at risk of burning out from caregiving. It also has a range of topics and resources to think about, as well as an overview of programs and services that an ADRC Information and Assistance Specialist can discuss in more detail.

Many caregivers appreciate planning for the future. This might include learning about additional in-home care options, support groups, or respite options to get a break. The thought of finding home care, understanding what the care includes, and how it gets paid for can be overwhelming. This guide breaks down what home care is, how to find home care, and the assistance available to pay for it. It also discusses options outside of the home like adult day services, assisted living, and nursing homes.

According to the National Alliance for Caregiving and AARP, one in five Americans are family caregivers. They are in worse health now compared to five years ago. 61% of caregivers are also still employed. Caregivers may struggle with balancing caregiving and their job. The Caregiver Handbook provides guidance on how working family caregivers can speak with their human resources department or EAP to see what kinds of options they may have. Some people are able to request a flexible work schedule or Family Medical Leave (FMLA). The Caregiver Handbook provides guidance on when a person might be eligible for FMLA.

The Caregiver Handbook finishes up by listing 21 tips for caregivers and empowering caregivers to seek out information on programs and services that can help support themselves and their loved one. The Caregiver Handbook can be found on ADRC’s website under the “Caregiving” tab. If you would like to learn more, please contact ADRC at (920) 448-4300.


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