Ask I&A: Money Management & Energy Assistance

by | Dec 27, 2021 | Blog

Question: I have trouble budgeting my money and getting my bills paid. What help is available?

Answer: There are credit counseling agencies that can provide advice on money management. They are typically nonprofit agencies and have counselors that are trained and certified in consumer credit and debt management as well as budgeting. They can discuss your financial situation with you and work with you to develop a plan to pay down debt, help create a budget that fits your spending, and promote saving money. They can get copes of your credit report and go over it with you and make suggestions on how to improve your score. The credit counselor can also help to develop a debt management plan for a person’s debts. This means that a person would make a single payment to the credit counseling agency who would then make the month payments to the creditors. Under these plans, the credit counselor will generally not negotiate to lower the amount owed but can negotiate to try to lower the amount of the monthly payment. They accomplish this by asking creditors to lower interest rates or by negotiating extensions for the period over which a loan is repaid. A credit counseling agency will also offer educational workshops revolving around money management topics.

To learn about the agencies in your area, contact ADRC of Brown County at (920) 448-4300.

Question: I was talking with a friend who is receiving assistance with their energy bills during the winter months and was wondering how I could get connected with this program?

Answer: Thank you for your inquiry. It sounds like you are referring to the Wisconsin Home Energy Assistance Program (WHEAP). WHEAP provides eligible households heating assistance, non-heat electric assistance, emergency services, and furnace assistance. The regular WHEAP season runs from October 1 through May 15, with weatherization extending to September 30 of each year.

Paper applications are available at the following locations during normal business hours:
• Economic Support – 111 N Jefferson St. Green Bay, WI 54301
• Aging & Disability Resource Center – 300 S. Adams St. Green Bay, WI 54301
• The Salvation Army – 262 Union Ct. Green Bay, WI 54303
• St. Vincent de Paul Personal Service Center – 920 Weise St. Suite B, Green Bay, WI 54302

Applications are available online at Click on “Community Services” under the Departments tab. Click “Economic Support Services” and then “Services.” Scroll down to find the Energy Assistance (WHEAP) link.

Telephone appointments are available by calling the Brown County Health and Human Services department, Economic Support Unit at (920) 448-6460.

Additional Information & Support

We are here to help you and your family with a wide variety of community resource options. For assistance by phone, or to make an appointment, contact us.

(920) 448-4300 | WI Relay 711

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