Stay Active and Healthy

Watch for On-line Classes

ADRC is taking pro-active steps to protect the public’s health especially among older adults and adults with disabilities by cancelling in-office classes, programs, and activities.  

However we are looking for and working on on-line health and wellness options of interest to you our customers. 

Watch this page for on-line, a.ka. “Virtual” offerings.

Scroll down for classes scheduled later in the summer and fall. 

Stay Healthy – Stay Active

Missing Libbie’s Sit & Be Fit Class?

Watch and follow along in the comfort of your home.

YAY! Young Adult Yoga:

Are you a young adult who’s curious about yoga, but unsure where to start? We have a class for you! We will break down foundational poses, bring mindfulness to your mat, and have fun while doing it! We want to help you get the most
out of your practice. After this class, you’ll definitely want to shout YAY!

Stay Engaged for a Better Life

ADRC has the programs you are looking for to take control of your health and life.

There is something for everyone!

Being healthy and active is more than just eating right and exercising, it’s paying attention to social, emotional, financial, spiritual parts of your life. Listening to you, our customer we look for a variety of programming, i.e.: health, eating better, preparing for retirement, exercising, music, home improvement or learning something fun and new. Bring your friends or make new ones!

Topics of Interest Presented Each Month

Every month find presentations on topics you’ve asked for examples include:




Skin Cancer Screenings


Cooking for 1 or 2




Life Letters


Body Mechanics


Eating for Brain Health


Funeral Planning


Why Organic


Rent Smart


Essential Oils


Home Transitions

Check Out the Events Calendar

You’ll find a calendar with up to date program information at this Events Calendar link. There are so many fun things to choose from:








Knit or Crochet


Flute or Drum Circle


Book Club


Paint and Sketch


History or a new Language


Laptop, Tablet, & Smart Phone Instruction

The monthly ADRC Magazine lists current and upcoming programs and events. It can be found free at our office and at many locations throughout Brown County.

Stay Healthy with these Classes and Workshops

Lifelong Exercise

Scroll up and join Libbie and your friends “Virtually”.  Stay in shape in the comfort of your home.  See video link above.

Join the fun! Make new friends. Meets Tuesdays and Thursdays in 8 week cycles.  $10 per 8 week cycle.  Learn low-impact strength and balance exercises to reduce pain and stiffness, improve motility. Includes relaxation techniques.  Call 920-448-4300 to register.

“I tear up after this class. I can forget about all of the stress in my life. This class means so much emotionally, mentally, and physically.”

Healthy Living with Diabetes

You can manage your diabetes. Learn the step-by-step process toward effective management of diabetes and pre-diabetes. Six-week class meets 2 ½ hours per week.

Sign up for upcoming classes:

Wednesdays, September 9 – October  14, 2020, 5:00 – 7:30 pm at ADRC. 

Mondays, October 19 – November 23, 2020, 1:00 – 3:30 pm at ADRC

Click button below for flyer.


“Best diabetic class I have ever taken.  I loved learning about actions plans, positive thinking, and self-management.  My blood sugar has gone down since starting the class!”

Fall Prevention

Stepping On Workshop

Is falling a concern? We can help. Don’t let the fear of falling leave you stuck at home. Hear from a variety of experts about what you can do in your daily life and surroundings to prevent a fall. This class will build your confidence to get out and be active. Seven-week class meets 2 hours per week.  Check back for available classes in the fall.


Boost Your Balance

Balance is critical to help prevent falls. Volunteer retired doctor or nurse conduct an in-home screening to identify areas of risk and then work with you to set up a plan to reduce those risks.

In-home Boost Your Balance Screenings have been suspended.

This screen made me think about potential fall issues. You have helped so much and given me ideas. I’ll be telling others about what I’ve learned!”

More Classes and Workshops

Mind Over Matter – Healthy Bowels, Healthy Bladder

Conquer Incontinence. Build skills and confidence to improve bladder and/or bowel health.
Three classes meet for 2 hours.  Watch for classes to be posted here as they are scheduled.

After four months, 71% of women in the program reported improvements in urinary incontinence.

Upcoming Workshops

Tuesdays, June 2, 16, 30
9-11 a.m.  $20
ADRC, 300 S. Adams St.

Wednesdays, Aug 12, 26 & Sept 9
9-11 a.m.  $20
ADRC, 300 S. Adams St.

Wednesdays, Nov 4, 18 & Dec 2
2-4 p.m.  $20
ADRC, 300 S. Adams St.

Brain Health Programs

Learn how to keep your brain healthy.  Something for everyone.  Choose a 1.5 hour class or workshops that run either 5 or 10 weeks.  All include a variety of brain games in a fun and interactive group setting.

  • Work-Out For your Brain 1, 1.5 hour class
  • Work-Out For your Brain 2,  1.5 hour class
  • A Path to Better Brain Health, 2 hour class for 5 weeks
  • BE! Brain Enrichment Course, 1.5 hour class for 10 weeks.  

Upcoming Workshops

Thursdays, June 18- Aug 27
10-11:30 a.m.  $25
Virtual Web-Ex

Advance Directives & Beyond

Expert helps you organize and complete your personal wishes. Classes run by local professionals. Get the information you need to feel confident about your decisions.

Watch for workshop dates on this important topic.

“Before the workshop I knew nothing.  After the workshop, I’ve learned the necessity of it…and what a joy and gift to give this to my family.”

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