Who Do YOU Wear a Mask for?

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We have a lot of important people in our lives and we want to know, who do YOU wear your mask for?

I wear a mask for…

I mask up for my college kids Emma & Caleb. I’m hoping they can have a more “normal” school year sometime soon and this is how I can do my part. ~Chanda

Mother-in-law who lives with my family. She made me my masks, and I wear them everywhere ouside my home. ~John

Paul. My husband has MS and is disabled, sitting at home while I go to work every day. So I do NOT want to bring any “unwanted” germs home to him – wearing a mask anywhere I go to keep him safe! ~Kim

For all the people I love. Children (and in-law), grandkids, husband, mother-in-law. For the people at the store I don’t know but want to keep safe from COVID. ~Laurie

Peg ~Kelly

McKenzie & Blake (daughter & her fiance). Blake is in his first year of OB residency at Froedtert Hospital and St. Joseph’s Hospital in Milwaukee. he is delivering babies by COVID positive mothers every day. The amount of PPE he has to wear is very heavy and clunky and hot. I know he worries every time he comes hoem to McKenzie that he may give it to her. She works from hom but is afraid to go out that she may give it to others unknowingly, including her family when she visits. We can’t live our life in a plastice bubble but we sure can wear a mask to do our part in the prevention of this disease until a cure is found. I do pray for all the healthcare workers that are essential in the care of others, Rock on Blake! ~Molly

My husband John. I do not want ot bring COVID home to my husband. ~Kathi

Vicki & Jim R. my parents. ~Kelly

I wear a mask for my kids Ben, Ashley, Alex, Steph, Holly, & Nate. So they can go back to living a full & happy life! ~Paul

I wear one for everyone as I do not want anyone to get COVID-19. ~Kendra

For anyone reading this… I wear my mask for you. ~Katie

Anyone I encounter who may be afraid. I don’t want to be the reason they don’t feel comfortable coming out to do what they want/need to do. ~Teri

For my rockin’ awesome co-workers. ~Laurie

Our Grandparents. We’re grateful to have grandparents (our kid’s great-grandparents) walking distance from out home. We don’t want to miss out on months of memories with them, so we mask to feel more comfortable continuing to visit with them. ~Kimberly

My granddaughter Ray’Nique Marie Ladon Old’s. ~Sammia

My family & friends. ~Marie

All of my family. ~Mary

Everyone! ~Cynthia

My family & co-workers. ~Yvonne

My husband Robin. ~Linda

My Dad. ~Angela

I wear my mask for Germaine C. my 91 year old mother-in-law with dementia. I am her caregiver so have to be close to provide that care – we have worded sooo hard to keep her home and out of a nursing home where we would not be allowed to see her and she would be so scared – we could not bare it. So I have to wear a mask and be really diligent so I don’t bring this virus to her – her life depends on it. ~Devon

My pregnant daughters. ~Sheri

I do for health and to respect others. ~Chalsee

The World. ~Robert

I wear a mask to protect myself and others because I trust the medical professionals and the scientists who truly understand the meaning of the term pandemic! ~Beverly

I care, I wear a mask! ~Keith

I weart to protect others. ~Cathy


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